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Crisis will bring more interesting CEOs

The role of a manager or CEO is similar whenever you are, because the challenges they face would be similar, like taking or having too much pressure, too many things they have to manage, can they give the other people how to be directors and also remain in good relationships, and also not take too much themselves-all these comes with the role of a manager. And that is what manager does whenever he or she is.
We think about ourselves as having cutting-edge paradigm, like we are very unusual, for example, we work with the Global Leadership Academy together with the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development. This is a special group that’s been commissioned by this ministry, because we are doing things nobody else does. We work with high diversities, we work across industries and take some multistakeholder approach to everything. And as the result all COE’s we work with are early adapters. So we work with unusual, fun, progressive, wild, innovative, amazing people-everywhere, we’re just lucky. They are all early adapters, they all want not just make their companies profitable, but they want to make a different world, with different leadership, with different way of relating to each other. And we have the same creative CEO’s from Ukraine. They are smart they looked for new things, say, over internet. If you’re a CEO, you’re not trying to find a person who will teach you to make more money more quickly. That’s not a CEO in my opinion, that’s an accountant. A CEO is someone who has vision, who thinks that he or she has found something so inspirational to them that it will change the way we live. Even knowing that it might never become quite real or it might take a long time for people to open their mind to this idea. But they truly believe, like Steve Jobs believed that work can be more playful and that tools we work with can be more beautiful. That was a crazy idea. Nobody believed it. And look at Apple products today. It is just about profit. They make the same iPhone over and over again, just bigger and with different number. It is finished. And we see new small companies looking for new ways, new products, new ideas, some weird stuff. They are changing our life. I especially like small and mid-size companies, because they are trying to do something new, their CEOs are trying to do something new.
I’m convinced that crisis in Ukraine will bring more and more interesting CEOs. What is special about Ukraine is that Ukrainians has never worked together with each other. It’s not a joke! They don’t have history of working together, with companies having different ideas, how to get along with each other creatively, making profit in the difficult situations.
It’s a very special moment for Ukraine, because everybody have to realize that we must work together, have some form of the relationships, based on mutual respect of partners, trust and independence. Ukraine wants to be respected by the EU, not cooped up into some European system. This is new in Ukraine. It was always present, but it is coming out now, and Ukrainians discover now. And life and situation will become better much sooner than you think.
It is always interesting to come to Ukraine. For me, it is always a learning time, we get to know new people and it’s very enriching, we talk more, we talk deeper and there is more diversity in our communications. It’s a multidimensional experience and it becomes more and more interesting every time.

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