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The Role of Big Data and Analytics in the Data Center

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Organizations are looking to digitize business processes armed with big data given the potential insight provided. Initial complexity, data storage costs and manageability are issues for CIOs however. In some industries such as Formula 1 racing, portability of data is a poignant issue once big data are integrated into operations.

To deal with the problem, some teams use a portable enterprise data center which helps fulfill the analytics needs of teams during races. Similarly, big data represents an opportunity for organizations if they can effectively harness it. Big Data can potentially transform the way employees, suppliers, customers, products and processes are understood. Although some companies are keeping vast amounts of data as part of a so-called ‘data-lake strategy,’ most will choose business processes and need where data can help drive competitive advantages. However, companies struggle to understand the benefits big data can generate for their data center and determine how to deploy a big data strategy.

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