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WCFDavos - Kyiv 2015


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SubjectNew communications — Government, Business, Media and Community

The Kyiv session of the World Forum «Communication on Top» (WCFDavos|Kyiv) is one of the world’s key events that unites leading global experts in communications. The regional Forum shapes core communications trends defining the industry’s future and targets top specialists in communications, government relations and public affairs, as well as business owners and executives who recognize the strategic importance of communications. Representatives of the business community, government, NGOs and media will meet leading Ukrainian and foreign experts to discuss global trends and challenges in this area.

Welcome to Kyiv! — Ласкаво просимо до Києва!

Venue: Museum of Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine, 12 Desyatynna Street

Organizing Committee WCFDavos Kyiv 2015
e-mail: davoskyiv@agama-communications.com

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